Thursday, 1 October 2015

Wedding Reception


Wedding Reception

        We’ll settle by the bar and watch
        the women dance, then split a likely
        pair, when we think we stand a chance.
        I’ve one eye on the bridesmaid, with
        the skirt that’s riding high – showing
        off the daisies, tattooed upon
        her thigh.

                      The groom is still hung-over;
        can’t find the pregnant bride. She dodged
        into the box room – best-man by
        her side.

                     Mothers-in-law are screaming,
        ‘war,’ handbags all-aflail. Uncle
        Jack is on his back. George is green
        and frail.
                       So we’ll linger here and
        guzzle beer, till the barman calls
        the time. Then make a play for a
        pair who sway – join the pantomime...

        ...Hope you like the big one, with the
        bird’s nest in her hair. Because I’m
        heading for the bridesmaid, with the
        skirt that’s riding high, showing off
        the daisies...

Charlie Gregory

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