Thursday, 2 August 2018

Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is silent, blushing at the dawn
thin veneer of beauty heralding the morn.

Scorned and mutilated, living with the hounds,
chattel of the bad men by the palace grounds…
Never ending evil meets them off a train
buys them in a village then inflicts the pain.
“Amputate! Infect them! Smash an arm or leg!
Make them our possession only fit to beg.”

Taj Mahal is mystic, love song of a shah
music of a river echoing afar.

Gentle men and women viewing Mogul’s stones...
“Fountains of compassion, show them broken bones,
get the ragged army limping on parade
begging bowls a-banging, injuries displayed.”

Symbol of submission, baby at her feet
hasn’t got a pillow, sacking for a sheet...
Screaming and hysterics, battle for the prize,
quelling ranting mother, blinding baby’s eyes.

Taj Mahal is awesome, shimmering at night
Agra folk are sleeping, Milky Way glows bright...

Glorifying heaven, planets rove the skies.
Satan roams the shadows, mid the cripples’ cries.

Tajmahal Night[3]

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