Monday, 15 December 2014

Night Flight

Night flight...

Luna’s shadow glides over the globe, silent and black as a phantom panther. The silver bird thunders along the runway and leaps, roaring, at the glow where conquering night swallows embers of the deposed sun.

Engines scream as the jet spins, full throttle, into the Great Circle, ripping up charted miles in a desperate dash to escape the terrors of the night. Darkness, black as Satan’s lum, rolls over the wild Atlantic, enshrouding all in a raven cloak. The plane, racing for the retreating light, forever butts into the relentless headwind.

The old man in 3c ponders, dozing, over his brief-role in the unending earthly drama. Sensing the unstoppable shadow speeding over the vast Americas, casting its sleep-spell over the wilting ground, he shivers at the chill of the unknown.

Suddenly the man is aware of a dazzling light stirring the hordes of Asia, infusing all with energy and life. Brilliant brightness illuminates the earth, searing away the tar-black stain and banishing the fears of night.

At peace now, the man drifts, smiling, into slumber...

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