Monday, 11 October 2010

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in memory of X
who escaped from Idi Amin
then had to be chemically castrated

                                               Cleft sticks
                              She-devil magic wiggles wobble-orb
                              of siren-cleft, thus shaping heady dream.
                              This dimple-flesh all reasoning absorbs,
                              then finding bristle-mound hear loathing scream.
                              Around I pray for counsel and advice
                              on staying wayward thought or wilful hand,
                              but only rate some pill and jab device.
                              Flaunt-maids entice then quacks don't understand.

                              Do women dress to promise or deny?
                              Are medics meant to gag us or to cure?
                              Our purdah-girls go by with downcast eye,
                              dull robes bedim the glare of their allure;
                              but bimboes bray-out, "See – forbidden thrill,"
                              and they, or drugs, control my very will.

Charlie Gregory
Samaritan Days

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